Peer-To-Peer Parcel Delivery On The Ethereum Blockchain

Peer-To-Peer Parcel Delivery On The Ethereum Blockchain

A delivery service backed by Ethereum has completed a working Dapp prototype.

A parcel service prototype has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain as a result of collaboration between the team at Streamr and PassLfix CTO Frederic Vedrunes, who met at EDCON 2017.

Vedrunes’ vision is to take advantage of the fact that most people have smartphones and that in high traffic regions, those individuals may better serve parcel recipients than a central postal system. By leveraging a safety deposit made by couriers who may not have earned the same trust as a parcel delivery corporation, such as Fedex, executable distributed code contracts (EDCCs) help to build trust and issue deliveries, providing a value to consumers while ensuring the courier has some skin in the game.

If issues occur during delivery, the courier has the option to drop the parcel off at designated postboxes that are outfitted with serial EDCCs which can record receipt. After which, the courier’s deposit is returned, minus any applicable fees. At this point, the postbox itself submits a deposit in lieu of a courier, which is returned when the package is retrieved...

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