[VIDEO] Peer-To-Peer package delivery

[VIDEO] Peer-To-Peer package delivery

This video shows how works the prototype for a Peer-to-Peer Transportation System of Objects.

The web application allows owners of objects creating delivery smart contracts and tracking parcels.
The user can generate his private postboxes or select public postboxes when creating delivery smart contracts.
The mobile phones of participants in the delivery process contain an application linked to an Ethereum wallet, and which allows sending and signing messages to the Ethereum Blockchain.
The mobile phone of the courier sends frequently package’s sensors data and its GPS location to an off-chain data processor engine.
Events from the Blockchain allow the user knowing who has the parcel at any time.

Charts and map allow visually following the parcel or looking back to the history of contracts or events received from the parcel or the Blockchain.

Watch the video here

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