Interview with Frederic Vedrunes, CEO of Piloteo (formerly PassLfix)

Interview with Frederic Vedrunes, CEO of Piloteo (formerly PassLfix)

What is the technology behind Piloteo? You are using Ethereum smart contracts, aren’t you?

That’s true, but Ethereum is not the only tech involved. Our platform includes basically two key elements:

  1. Smartphone as a smart connected Human Machine Interface with camera, GPS and sensors.
  2. Smart contracts for registering business processes, services, pictures, and documents in Blockchain, as well as for managing deposit or invoicing accounts in an automatic and secure way.

This allows us to create what we call “smart assets,” with a unique digital identity and public properties like the supplier in the Blockchain. In the case of deliveries, this technology provides a decentralized way to track each package without revolutionizing the user experience or the existing information systems. Transporters use a light-client smartphone app and connect sensors in their truck for temperature control if needed.

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