Supply Chain

because improvement makes the difference

Strengthen your value proposition with retailers and carriers

Documenting a product’s journey across the supply chain reveals its true origin and touchpoints, which increases trust and helps eliminate the bias found in today’s opaque supply chains.

Blockchain allows to record the transfer of assets, track orders, contracts and shipment documents, certifies the origin and nature of the goods, links them with information and tags, and shares information between suppliers and vendors.

What about you? What challenges do you need to overcome to increase and fluid your supply chain, logistics and warehouse performances?

Strengthen your value proposition with retailers and carriers

You Have

• A significant volume of operations
• A complex chain of providers and multiple stakeholders
• The ability to integrate new solutions

You Must

• Ensure services continuity
• Trigger billing for recurring and one-off services, and payment of service providers
• Follow the schedules

You Want

• Pilot and improve service rates
• Automate business, internal and customer reporting
• Be informed and inform of malfunctions in real-time

Result-oriented solutions

connecting all the benefits of the Blockchain
Result-oriented solutions


of documents and transactions without recourse to an intermediary


of recurring tasks of a transport contract with "smart contracts"


with all stakeholders following predefined rules


each action and its author, and store data without risk of loss, alteration or falsification


of time-consuming and expensive steps of data treatment


of goods and deliveries among all actors of the chain

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Tangible results

Tangible results

To carry out your project, Piloteo provides as well high level advise to define and identify your specific needs, than advanced design and development of customised mobile applications and prototypes, and also operational support for the roll-out of your project.

This end-to-end approach provides your organisation concrete results:

  • Transparent tracking of each parcel
  • Reduced fraud
  • Simplified back-office tasks
  • Real-time control of deliveries
  • Optimised delivery and storage costs
  • Administrative compliance of carriers
  • Controlled invoicing and payment
  • Increased customer satisfaction